You've taken a DISC assessment - now what?

You've taken a DISC Assessment - now what? Most DISC assessment companies provide their clients with one basic assessment, and rely on that alone to determine their employees’ strengths, weaknesses, stressors, and behavioural preferences.

After taking such DISC assessments, many participants are left wondering, “Well, now what?” Having completed the assessment, they have finished with everything related to DISC and never have the time or materials to get a true grasp of its relevance to their everyday lives.

DISCflex™ by Indaba Global is different. Its featured program, DISCflex™, teaches you everything you need to know about behaviour modification. Once you complete the DISCflex assessment online, you’ll receive a personalised behaviour report and can have access to over 20 hours of eLearning.

Indaba Global’s innovative DISCflex™ program puts you ahead of the market with the best training materials in the eLearning world. From the input of Indaba’s clients, partners, and distributors, they have designed a platform to enhance the learning experience. Once you complete our assessment and enjoy how accurate the report is, you will have immediate access to our eLearning, audio files, white papers, activities, quizzes, and tests, all available 24/7/365.

Our clients love the flexibility to enjoy unlimited access to our various learning materials, and are excited to learn how to use their behaviours effectively in order to reach their maximum potential.

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