HR Recruiting - Google Style

Check out the trailer below. It's for a new movie starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The premise is that two guys somehow get an internship at Google and "hilarity ensues", as I'm sure the screenplay pitch closed.

Some have dubbed this "the longest recruiting video ever" and I see their point. The film goes behind the scenes into the actual Googleplex campus and shows what it's like to work for Google. Sounds like Human Resources recruiting to me.

In my first draft of this post, I wrote something along the lines of "I wonder what this will do for interest in Google jobs" and then followed that statement with something like "I'm still not interested". Originally my statement had a negitive slant, but after thinking about it, my perspective on my reaction was flawed.

I shouldn't be interested in a job at Google. I'm not that smart. I can't code. I can't write an algorithm. I can barely do math (I had to take statistics twice in university). Basically, I'm not Google material and even just the few clips in this trailer and how they present a typical intern/employee reminded me of that. I didn't walk away discouraged; simply reminded that I'm where I should be. Yep, that's a good recruiting video.

Most people in the HR world will recommend having a recruiting video or something to attract applicants to your company. Sometimes the key qualifier that's skipped is "the right applicants". Companies should strive to present the most accurate picture of what it's like to work in their offices (or wherever the environment is) as possible. Have candidates self-select themselves out of the recruiting process, rather than force you to. A candidate that doesn't apply doesn't have to go through the experience of getting turned down. By the way: your application and selection process should be as positive an experience as possible, but that's for another post.

Could having a movie centre around your company be the next level of "product placement"? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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