What is achievement?

Achievement. What does the word mean to you? What does it bring to mind? Often, it's a word that makes us think of big-ticket items such as gaining a place at a good university, winning a race, or buying a home in a prestige suburb.

To me, those are not so much achievements as results. Achievement is made up of the seemingly little things we do each day to push ourselves – to improve ourselves by making better decisions. Achievement is getting up an hour earlier in the morning to go to the gym. It is staying up for an extra hour at night to read or work instead of having that glass of wine or a cigarette. It is finishing a report rather than fall for the distraction of social media. Achievement is not visible or tangible. It is not a salary package or diploma on a wall. It’s something that happens behind the scenes, and happens daily.

There are no shortcuts to success. You can’t simply work for couple of weeks or even month to become successful. Who you are, and where you are in life, is determined by the thousands of decisions that you make daily – even hourly. Because every little choice you make throughout a day helps to create the person you will become in the future.

So, don’t dismiss your daily achievements. Celebrate them, nurture them, and congratulate yourself for making them happen. If you work hard enough every day, one morning you’ll wake up and wonder how you became so happy and successful. But consistently choose poorly, and one day you’ll wake up dissatisfied, blaming the world and the people around you for your misery.

We create our future today… and every day.

Adapted from an original piece by Ksenia Kolyadina