What issues or challenges do assessments resolve for small business?

There is a saying that “people are hired on skills and fired on fit”, which is why we adopt a two-pronged approach to recruitment: skills testing and job-fit testing. 

Skills testing ensures the candidate has the knowledge and skills required for a position. Skills tests measure an individual's knowledge on subjects such as software programs.

Job-fit testing matches applicants to the demands or preferred behaviours of any given position. It tests personality traits and interests to provide information on whether the candidate will be comfortable handling the demands of the position, based on such traits such as conscientiousness, interest in working with people, capacity to deal with stress, and ability to assimilate new information quickly. The Prevue Assessments offered by Assess to Succeed are Job Fit Assessments.

What types of small businesses find these assessments most helpful?

Finding the right person for the right role is critical for every position in your organisation. Some of the most successful organisations we work with value the janitor's input as much as the CEO's. The heaviest use of testing, however, tends to be for the following types of jobs:

  • Managerial/supervisory at entry and mid levels of management
  • Technical professionals such as programmers
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centres

How expensive and time-consuming is it to have an assessment prepared?

With the advent of online testing in the 1990s, the time required to administer a test to job applicants has been reduced to minutes. The cost of testing depends on the volume of tests used by an employer, the types of tests used, and the amount of support required by the employer. Prevue Distributors may also charge a consulting fee.

How long does it take for the assessments to pay for themselves?

The number one cause of staff turnover is poor job fit – issues such as the inability to close sales, reluctance to make sales calls, failure to make timely decisions, failure to complete and deliver reports, failure to show up to work on time etc. Information from valid and reliable job-fit assessments can provide insight into the characteristics that cause these behaviours.

The cost of turnover has been proven to be at least 30% of an employee’s annual salary and anywhere up to 100% of that annual salary, depending on the extent of recruiting and training costs related to the position. These figures don't take into account the additional cost of interruption to the performance of the manager and fellow workers. So, if you can reduce turnover by even as little as 5 to 10%, the cost of testing the best two or three applicants for a position is inexpensive relative to the return We expect our Prevue Assessments will more than pay for themselves from the first hire.  

Can assessments help my business if my first language is not English?

Testing is finding a market in all cultures and languages, so there is no reason why business owners from all backgrounds should not take advantage of these tools in whatever language they or their job applicants prefer.

Prevue Assessments have developed and validated versions of their assessments in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic and are scheduled to complete translations to German, Russian, Mandarin, Polish and Japanese.

FREE introductory offer.

We are so confident that these assessments will add value to your organisation that we're offering to create a Job Role Benchmark for a position in your organisation completely FREE OF CHARGE and obligation free! If you'd like to take advantage of this offer,  please contact us ASAP.

Below please find a couple of sample Job Role benchmarks:

Customer service representative

General Manager

If you'd like to learn more about how assessments can benefit your business, contact us today to speak to a consultant near you.