"Identifying,Keeping and motivating high performing staff"

Identifying, keeping and motivating high performing staff has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

Each position in an organisation requires unique abilities, traits and skill sets. The Prevue Assessment identifies and  quantifies  these important  traits for each candidate, revealing  the learning  abilities,  interests and  work related personality  traits that directly impact success  on the job. The result - Job Fit.

The Prevue Assessment is a valid and reliable assessment designed by business people for the business environment.  Researched and developed by world- renowned experts in the field of psychometric assessments, Prevue is sophisticated in its capabilities, yet simple and straightforward in its application. Vital to all important employment decisions, providing critical job fit data about people and their jobs.

Start with a clear picture of the desired outcome

Create a custom Benchmark for each position or job category and clearly identifies criteria that will lead to success in the position.  The Benchmark provides a standard for comparison and is tailored to the requirements of both the job and the company. Benchmarks are derived from proven results of top performers and/or management input from the Prevue Job Description Survey.

Maximize employee productivity

In addition to the Prevue Selection Report, Prevue provides six other reports to support coaching, training and career management activities:

• The Personal Development Report identifies an individual’s match to the job Benchmark and provides insight on training solutions to address areas of potential weakness for development. Communication will be positive and proactive; the individual will develop to meet the position requirements resulting in improved employee effectiveness.

• The Prevue Corporate Coach Report highlights the characteristics of an individual in terms of the sixteen interest and personality dimensions examined by the Prevue Assessment.  It also reviews an individual’s approach to work in nine very important work related areas. This product is designed for general coaching to better understand an individual and enhance employment relations.

• The Working Characteristics Report provides comprehensive yet easily understood information on business related behaviours. These personal characteristics provide insight about individual alignment with corporate culture and job fit and can be useful in a number of applications including leadership, team building and more

• The Individual Report provides feedback to candidates. It enables employees to understand how they compare to the general working population helping them to grow and develop in their position and career.

• Two Succession Planning Reports to address the following functions:

a. A candidate can be compared to multiple benchmarks for career planning and succession planning.

b. Multiple candidates can be compared to one benchmark to identify the best candidate for succession planning or to fill a current vacancy.