5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it's a good one, by avoiding these 5 common resume mistakes.


#1: Sloppiness

Your resume needs to be word-perfect. Typos, bad spelling, sloppy grammar and poor punctuation are instant turn-offs to an employer. They will assume that either you can’t write, don’t care, or don’t pay attention to detail.

#2: Summaries that are too long

Summaries that are overly long or formal, and include too many adjectives, are boring to read. Some summaries can read like a lengthy chapter in a novel. It's better to list a few succinct bullets with achievements and a branded tag line such as 'known for achieving XYZ.'

#3: Too much jargon

Buzzwords and phrases such as 'out-of-the-box,' and 'team player' are meaningless. If you really are a 'unique problem solver who is a team player’, you should be able to convey this succinctly and creatively on your resume through carefully chosen words.

If you are lucky enough to work for a company that uses psychometric testing for recruitment or professional development, you can use the results to enhance your resume. Psychometric tests aren't just for recruiters. They can help you identitfy key areas of strength and weakness which, in turn, can guide you in writing a resume that is informative and attractive to employers.

#4: Being too formal

Overly formal resumes are not engaging. They don't allow the reader to get a good sense of the applicant's personality. Think about the reading experience from the employer's point of view. Would you rather read something that engages you in a lively narrative, or something that resembles an academic paper?

#5: 'Creative' formatting

When it comes to resumes, substance is more important than style. Employers would prefer to see a simple, traditional, perfectly formatted resume than something creative that’s tough to read. Unless you’re applying for a job such as a designer or artist, your focus should be on making your resume clean and legible.

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