A Sobering Survey

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74% of employees are actively seeking, or open to a new job

A slightly sobering survey released by CareerBuilder.com suggests that new employees aren’t so much “hitting the ground running”, but rather “hitting the ground searching”. Essentially, more and more people are already planning the next steps in their career from the moment the start a new job.

At least, about 35% start searching right away.

There’s two main ways to react to these findings: panic or prepare.

Panicking involves getting suspicious of each existing employee—monitoring their browsing behavior, questioning their ‘sick days’, etc. It involves carefully scrutinizing a new applicant’s resume and grilling them on gaps or what you’d consider ‘jumping around’ from job to job. Panic will also set in when you post a new job opening and either not enough candidates or way too many candidates apply.

Essentially, panic thinks of your recruiting tools as on or off.

Preparing means acknowledging that the job landscape has changed, especially with the influx of Millenials and their ‘fickle’ job hunting patterns (I’m a millenial, I can poke fun at my generation’s habits). It means that people will come and go, usually with the good ones sticking around. A caveat to that last sentence would be that you need to have a work environment that encourages people to stay; whatever that looks like for you and them.

Preparing also has a different approach to recruiting tools: they’re always on and there’s more than one of them. The savvy employer looks at these stats and sees the opportunity to scoop a great employee as they casually browse their website or see a post that their friend commented on in a social network.

The prepared employer has a funnel of talent that can be tapped into at any moment and will probably be able to recommend even more people searching for jobs. There’s also a referral program in place and sections on the company website that describe what it’s like to work there and invites people to send their resumes along. It’s all about utilizing the right recruiting tools.

I’ve included the infographic from CareerBuilder below. Here’s a link to the original report, as well: http://www.careerbuildercommunications.com/candidatebehavior/index.html