Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Author:- Stig Falster

Recent articles in mainstream print media herald the ‘arrival’ of AI into the realms of careers and hiring best fit.  AI (sometimes referred to Machine Intelligence) has been around for over 60 years and has had its up and downs.  During this period, the field of psychometric assessments has effectively incorporated AI to evaluate and report on candidates.

Some more recent examples of AI entering the careers and hiring space are programs that analyse CVs for meta- and key-words, for example, to facilitate the recruiters’ role.  The natural effect of this is that CVs are even more carefully worded, in an attempt to overcome the programs’ selection methodologies!

A recent entry into the Australian market claims to use a mix of neuroscience-based games and artificial intelligence in their selection process, with the aim of removing bias.  The claim is that CVs may well be a thing of the past!  A well-crafted CV, however, provides important historical information with regard to education, career and personal interests that become points of interest after an initial, objective, culling of candidates has been effected. The information in the CV is also used to formulate questions for the applicant to respond to in the interview.

Prevue has successfully harnessed AI to consistently aid in the selection of the best candidates through the use of its unique benchmarking process.  Not only does this work for the selection of new employees, but also for ensuring that people within the organisation are in their most suitable roles.  This results in greater job satisfaction, giving rise to improved performance, productivity and corporate harmony.

Prevue is there to make the internal or external recruiter’s job easier, more successful and more satisfying, while also saving the company significant financial costs by avoiding bad hires.

So, while there are always new entrants into this marketplace, hinting at promises of successful ‘new’ technologies, Prevue has effectively harnessed the power of AI whilst backing it with a strong track record.

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