Our CEO on location in US seeking new consultants.

Assess to Succeed Pty Ltd represents companies in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, and is looking to expand into the United States. CEO Peter Hosie is currently on location in the US, and is keen to meet with potential independent consultants.

Do you know companies that would benefit from using validated assessment products in their coaching and employment process? Do you have clients or know companies that would benefit from using online leadership programs in their training? Our world-class products can support companies with 10 employees or 10,000.

Independent Consultants FAQs

What is an independent Consultant?

An Independent Consultant is an independent contractor or registered company and is not associated with, either by shareholding or as an employee, of Assess to Succeed Pty Ltd. Independent Consultants pursue opportunities to sell Assess to Succeed products to appropriate businesses and other entities. They generate revenue for themselves whilst creating value for their customers through a sustainable business model with substantial growth potential.

What does it cost to become an independent consultant?

For your initial investment of $6,000 (USD) you receive:

• Access to all Assess to Succeed solutions – stock with a retail value in excess of $12,000 (USD).

• A fully managed website to administer assessments

• Initial training and ongoing support and training.

• Product training

• Sales training

• Marketing material

• Product support

• Sales support

Are there sales quotas each month?

No, you will not be required to reach minimum sales levels. Your income level is entirely up to you.

Are Assess to Succeed's products expensive?

Our programs, on average, save a client over 80% compared to traditional training in classroom programs. Their convenient, online delivery offers companies of all sizes significant economies of scale. You can offer any business the opportunity to provide a level of training that is usually accessible only to multinational companies.

Most businesses simply cannot afford traditional training fees. Our programs are extremely affordable and provide high quality training that is extremely flexible in working hand-in-hand with each employee's busy schedule. They eliminate the need for employees to take time out from their jobs to attend training sessions.

Must I be a consultant or coach or trainer to offer assessments or online training programs?

No, although prior experience in the training industry may lead to higher sales during the initial period.

I have several potential clients who would benefit from these products. However, I am not confident to introduce these products by myself. How do you support new consultants?

We strongly recommend working with an experienced consultant when introducing our products to a prospect. We will assist you in your appointment via a conference call, webinar or on site.

Do you advertise for me?

No, you are responsible for your own advertising. We recommend you utilize current clients or current contacts. The most productive way to introduce our online products is through centers-of-influence already working within a corporation. For example: executive coaches, insurance representatives, company lawyer, board of directors, accountant, business trainer/coach, consultant, and executive search firms, etc.

CEO Peter Hosie is currently on location in the US and would love to discuss your future with Assess to Succeed. To find out more, please contact Peter today on: US_opportunity@assesstosucceed.com