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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a one-stop applicant processing system that can be easily merged into a corporate site to provide an online career centre. Among its most important functions are advertising for and processing job applicants, as well as administering assessments.

The Prevue ATS, which we distribute through Assess to Succeed, can be purchased as a standalone product, or in conjunction with Prevue Assessments.

It provides an Applicant Tracking System that takes all the hard work off your hands. To make everything work seamlessly, we’ve designed a system that exactly fits your needs. That way, you are free to do the most important task of hiring the best people who can help propel your business to the top.

This easy-to-use system is powered by back-end management system which features an online dashboard that customers can use to post unlimited job ads, write a maximum of 25 questions for each post, attach a Prevue benchmark to the requirements, share the job posting to job boards, and easily manage incoming applicants.

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Prevue Applicant Tracking Systems deliver many benefits, including:

  • Connects you to free and paid job boards
  • Creates a customised career website for your company
  • Reduces recruitment costs & administration time.
  • Improves social media presence
  • Effectively rates screening questions
  • Reduces time to hire.
  • A choice between stand-alone site or integration into your corporate site
  • Increases retention and productivity
  • Reduces paperwork within the recruitment process and improves overall efficiencies
  • Improves internal mobility within an organisation.
  • Facilitates better workforce planning and budgeting.
  • Creates a database for the future, with a pipeline of potential candidates for future roles in your company
  • Saves time in finding candidates – stops duplicate submissions.
  • Provides a database for just in time recruiting (Pipeline) of candidates you can draw from when needs arise
  • Critical in management of an internal or external recruitment staff
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