Have you thought about your Christmas shopping yet??

Well the answer to that is yes, but you maybe haven’t had time to do anything about it yet, why not?  Last year didn’t take that long to pass did it? What about your business?  How did last year go?  Did you get the performance that you were looking for or expecting from your staff?  If not, why not?  Was it something that you did or just maybe something that you didn’t?

You see we meet people regularly who can talk with authority about what they believe that they should have,  but have no idea just why they didn’t.  Just like Christmas shopping, you need to plan ahead to make sure that the people that you say are your greatest asset are indeed treated like that.

Effectively developing your employees involves understanding their abilities, interests and personality. You can then use that knowledge to work with them towards success within your organisation.  You need information that will make it easier for you to develop and coach your employees so that they can reach their potential. I believe that all organisations need to assess individuals, whether they are new applicants or existing employees. In this respect, psychological testing has an established role to play in selection: from preliminary screening right through to the final stages of decision making. Psychological testing is also valuable in the development of individuals and teams within organisations of all sizes.

Assessment systems compliment other traditional selection methods. When properly used, assessments help improve the quality of decisions throughout an employee’s career. Assessments achieve this by providing information about a candidate/employee that is not otherwise readily available for decision-makers.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, even a slightly better choice of candidate will bring financial benefits which far outweigh the extra costs involved of adding an unbiased psychometric evaluation like the Prevue Assessment to your organisation.

So you may not have yet thought about this year’s Christmas shopping but for heaven’s sake make sure that you have thought about your most important assets - your current and future employees.

If you currently don’t use any assessments and would like to trial them for use in your company please contact me and I can put you in touch with your local Prevue supplier.

Traditional screening is based on skill, but most employees leave or are fired based on a bad fit. The Prevue Assessments help you break the habit of screening on resumes and fits the right people to your jobs.