Excellent Job Posting Examples - Berrge Tattoo

This job posting ad is perfect. It has all of the elements of a powerful job ad:

  1. It explains the job's expectations
  2. It shows what an average day looks like
  3. It weeds out unqualified applicants
  4. It's engaging




The job ad is for Berrge Tattoo in Istanbul, Turkey. It's a print ad that requires the applicant to colour in a QR code in order to be able to scan it with their smartphone and thus apply for the job. I wish I had information on the response rates, but one thing's for sure: this got attention—internationally.

The Job Ad Explained The Job's Expectations

Filling in the details of a QR code is a very accurate example of doing a tattoo. Follow the guide/outlines established and do it perfect or you won't get very far.


The Ad Shows What An Average Day Looks Like

Even the detail of having the QR outline printed on flesh-coloured paper gives greater depth to show the applicant what they're dealing with. You're also having the design dictated to you—so as much as you want to design masterpieces, someone's going to walk in and demand some lame dolphin tattoo.


Unqualified Applicants Are Weeded Out

Hate the idea of filling in some boxes just to apply for a job? You'll hate tattooing (I refer you to the dolphin request above). Messed up filling in the boxes? You can't apply. As a note, one would probably need to fill in the image with black ink in order for their phone to scan it properly, so pencil users are ruled out. Whomever actually applied to this job posting has already been screened in regards to desire and aptitude to do the job. That's impressive. All that's left is to make sure the candidate's a good culture fit for Berrge Tattoo and they're set.


It's Engaging

On top of the qualifying nature of this job ad, it was probably a lot of fun for whomever decided to complete it. Think about the fun of accepting the challenge of filling in the QR code and the sense of achievement when the scan works and your application is sent off. I bet even those that didn't get picked for the job walked away with a positive impression of the whole experience.


I acknowledge that this is a special situation for a creative-type job and the jobs you're posting may not be as glamorous, but I still think there's opportunity. Are you going to post a plain old opening for an accounting position or are you going to create a balance sheet that when completed provides an email address to send your resume to (I just made that up on the spot so I don't even know if that's possible, but you get the idea).


So how can we spice up our job postings? Let's get creative and share ideas in the comments below.

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