Find Peace at Work

Managing your environment and your lifestyle can help to ensure a more peaceful work day. Pay attention to the following steps and you could find yourself feeling better about your work.

  1. Recognize warning signs - The first step to aiding excessive stress at work is to be able to recognize the warning signs. As a general rule there isn’t a way to avoid stressful situations all together, but there are countless ways to minimize it. When you begin to feel irritable, apathetic, fatigued, withdrawn, and lose confidence on a frequent basis, it may be time to take action. Ignoring stress at work can take its toll on you and your performance.

  2. Take care of yourself - The process of ridding yourself of excess stress begins and ends outside of the workplace. Studies have shown that individuals that make healthier eating choices, are more active, drink alcohol less frequently, and get enough sleep are more able to manager their performance and stress levels.

  3. Prioritize and organize - There are a lot of simple and easy tricks to keep yourself calm and stress-free. Try leaving for work just 10 to 15 minutes earlier to avoid that rushed feeling before you even get to your desk. Studies have also shown that creating a balanced schedule that includes break helps alleviate stress. Don’t focus on everything that you have to do. Create and complete milestones that will allow you to feel accomplished instead of overwhelmed.

  4. Ask for help - When reducing stress it is also key to remember that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Informing your supervisors that you may need a little more time for a certain project, asking questions, or asking for help from co-workers are all ways of ensuring that your workload doesn’t begin to work you.

  5. Listen to music - Classical music might not be for everyone but studies show that it has a relaxing effect on brain waves. Generally, in a busy work atmosphere, the brain is in a beta state, which tends to be frenetic. Relaxing music induces an alpha state and that reduces stress. Just be sure to listen in a way that doesn’t disrupt anyone else in the workplace.

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