Assess to Succeed appoints new training officer and offers FREE DISCflex certification training for TWO MONTHS only.


To ring in the new financial year, Assess to Succeed has appointed Sandra Sunkel-Lozell as Customer Support & Training Manager. This is the first time a staff member has been allocated solely for this role, attesting to the company’s growth over the past year.

“This newly created position offers our clients another layer of service and support,” says company CEO Peter Hosie. “When a client purchases DISCflex, one person in their organisation must be certified to use the product so that they can guide and coach others in their organisation to take the assessments. Sandra will train clients through their DISCflex certification, and will be there to offer ongoing support.”

Sandra is based in Melbourne, Australia, but that is no barrier to servicing the company’s growing global market. Training and support for interstate and overseas clients will be delivered by phone, Skype and keyboard sharing. For Melbourne-based clients, in-person training will be available as an option either on site, or at Assess to Succeed’s Melbourne office in Wheeler’s Hill.

“I love helping people and solving problems for them,” Sandra says. “I’m looking forward to getting to know all of Assess to Succeed’s clients and agents, and helping them through the certification process.”

Sandra’s appointment coincides with a limited special offer of FREE DISCflex certification training – usually an additional cost.

“This offer applies to any company that currently uses a DISC product who signs up for training by August 1st 2016,” Sandra says. “To be eligible, they must also complete their training by September 1st 2016.”

In any organisation, It is easy to look at the metrics for attendance and performance, but behaviour can be much harder to assess. The Indaba Global DISCflex Program was designed to do just that. Using DISC assessment allows you to identify both individuals’ and teams’ behaviour patterns. This version of DISC takes the next step and provides you with training to ‘flex’ those behavioural muscles. Sandra will be available to help with the full library of seventeen different products.

“We believe support is equally as important as training,” Peter says. “Sandra will be there to ensure our clients are managing comfortably with all of the products we offer, and to iron out little problems before they become big problems.”

“Clients can also email me with any issues they’re having,” Sandra says. “Most inquiries are straightforward and can be handled quite quickly in a single email.”

To take advantage of the LIMITED OFFER for FREE DISCflex training, click on one of the links below, or Contact Us to find out more, or to set up your training now.