HR trends for 2017

What global HR trends can you expect to see in 2017? We've gazed into our crystal ball and come up with the top three HR trends to expect in the new year.

The rise of the blended workforce.

According to Forbes, the gig economy will continue to be one of the top five trends impacting the global workforce. A new kind of diversity has evolved, with freelancers working side-by-side with permanent employees. As companies increasingly hire freelancers to solve key problems and cut costs by removing employee benefits, more freelancers and permanent workers will need to work together. The ability to manage without borders is going to become a critical skill globally, as many freelancers work from remote offices.

Continuous reviews will replace annual performance reviews.

2016 has seen a mass retirement of Baby Boomer company chiefs, as younger professionals ascend to managerial roles. The millennial generation of leaders has a more open-minded approach than their boomer predecessors. They also show a clear preference for regular performance reviews as opposed to the more traditional annual review.

HR products that identify areas of strength and deficit can go a long way towards steering professional development, and can save your company money in the long term with improved performance and reduced staff turnover.

Improved candidate experience.

Today's job seekers know their worth, and see opportunities everywhere. They are aware of the competitive landscape, and expect a fast, easy application process. If an employer takes too long to respond or makes it cumbersome to apply, they'll quickly pass it up for another job opening.

Employers should focus on maximising the candidate experience through the job application process. An instant turn-off is not making the application process fast or easy enough for candidates. One way to address this is by using recruitment technologies. There is a common misconception that these technologies are only accessible to large companies, and are out of the budgets of smaller businesses. In fact, there are HR products available to suit most company budgets. To find out more about flexible, affordable HR solutions, contact us today.