Story Telling Assists in engaging employees

Ever have a friend that people naturally gravitate towards? No matter what the situation is, people in a room will naturally form a circle around this person and soak up everything they say. Chances are, that person was a great storyteller.

Have you ever read an article that reminded you just how powerful stories are and that got you thinking: Am I using stories to communicate with employees and job candidates, or do I just read them a list of job functions and expect them to get excited about the role from that?

Of course, you will start with job functions, but that should only be the foundation from which you build the excitement levels around the role – not the end. Why not surround that list of duties with a compelling story? Think of how much more powerful your job postings will be if a candidate can place themselves in your story? Think of the motivation you can help conjure up when you tell an employee’s job functions within the story of your company’s success?

If you incorporate stories you will find yourself speaking with enthusiasm as simply thinking about telling a story will cause expression to flow out.

Here’s the article mentioned:

So what’s your company’s story and how can you make your employees the hero?

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