Indaba Global Releases Exclusive Services

Indaba Global has revolutionized the eLearning marketplace once again by changing the way in which their clients are able to access their product range. For more than 20 years, Indaba provided high-quality eLearning materials to the world’s best known organizations for use in workshops, classrooms, and corporate training sessions. Idaba’s goal however with the release of its new platform is to make the access to their product range easier and more user friendly. 

Here is the problem: Some companies only pay for the ‘exclusive few’. This does not sit well with Indaba. Indaba’s goal is: Anyone who wants to better themselves should be able to do so.

Indaba is achieving this goal in a couple ways. 

  1.  First, by announcing the release of their new platform, which allows users to directly access the materials, instead of through a corporate LMS (Learning Management System)

  2. Second, quality training materials offered by Indaba and similar companies have been priced at a rate that makes them available only to executives and managers. Indaba now has pricing that is affordable to the masses.

Just as important, is providing a behavioural assessment to those who want to find out precisely what might be holding them back. Indaba is one of a handful of companies that provides this service to leading universities and corporations. None of these companies (prior to this) provide these tools directly to the general public. Now, the only behaviour assessment and report in the world that actively allows users to not only asses their own behaviour, but allows others to provide their input as well, is available to anyone who wants this critical information. 


Indaba’s products cover a range of topics such as sales, life skills, and the change process. Many products focus on Indaba’s specialty: the understanding of current behaviours with a view to improve in certain areas. For more information, go to:-   or to learn more, contact one of our friendly team