Interview Questions From The Candidate Matter More!

laboured and stressed to find the best interview questions out there. The ones that cut to the core of a person and reveal who they really are. Some people take a standard approach, while companies like Google just ask insane interview questions.

Search the web and you’ll find post after post from educated and reliable sources on the best interview questions. The problem is, everyone now has access to those questions—including your candidates—who can now begin prepping their answers.

For every resource out there instructing employers how to interview their candidates, there are an equal number telling candidates how to answer. While it’s essential to have both prepared interview questions and answers, at the end of the day it’s all subjective. There needs to be something objective to measure a candidate’s job fit, other than some verbal weave and parry.

If you decide against using pre-employment testing to determine a candidate’s job fit, then I’d highly recommend reading this article from Inc. Magazine. It explains the type of questions a good candidate asks, which in my opinion, is a far better indicator of how well they’ll do over answers they’ve rehearsed a hundred times in their head.

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