Growing your Coaching - Training Business

As you start a new calendar year and you work towards the end of the financial year, here is a simple opportunity to address the "come back and see me later" line. Not only could it provide income for you it is providing a tremendous value add to your clients.

The start of year, just like the end of a year is a time when managers and their team reflect on where they are at and where they would like to be moving forward. Part of that reflection focuses on how staff are performing. 

Starting a process that will provide team members and their managers with worthwhile 360 feedback is a great way of acknowledging strengths and highlighting development opportunities. It shows employees a genuine interest in their future. 

We have written previously about the STAR360 product and the value it provides in not only presenting feedback in an easily readable form, but also an action plan for building on strengths and improving weaknesses. Need to know more contact us!!.