Only 2 weeks left to claim your FREE DISCflex training.

For a strictly limited time, we are offering FREE DISCflex™ certification training. 

This offer applies to any company that currently uses a DISC product and signs up for training by August 1st 2016. To be eligible, training must be completed by September 1st 2016.

DISCflex™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, fully comprehensive solution designed to address behaviour flexing and long term behaviour morphing. In any organisation, It is easy to look at the metrics for attendance and performance, but behaviour can be much harder to assess. The Indaba Global DISCflex Program was designed to do just that. Using DISC assessment allows you to identify both individuals’ and teams’ behaviour patterns. This version of DISC takes the next step and provides you with training to ‘flex’ those behavioural muscles.

When purchasing DISCflex™, one person in your organisation must be certified to use the product so that they can guide and coach others in their organisation to take the assessments. Certification training is usually an additional cost but, for a limited time, our newly-appointed Training and Customer Support manager, Sandra, will train you through your DISCflex ™ cetificationwith the full library of seventeen different products completely free of charge.

Sandra will also be there to offer ongoing support, ensuring our clients are managing comfortably with all of the products we offer, and to iron out little problems before they become big problems.

To take advantage of the LIMITED OFFER for FREE DISCflex training, Contact Us to find out more, or to set up your training now.