With summer coming and the start of a new season drawing near it may be time to start organizing your workload. While polishing off older projects whose deadlines are creeping closer and outlining new ones things might start to seem a little overwhelming.

Follow these quick and easy steps to help yourself prioritize more easily and effectively at work!

  1. Honor your deadlines - Whether working in an office or for a specific client the most obvious way to prioritize is by deadlines. If larger projects are due later on, focus on the smaller ones that have due dates creeping up. Meeting deadlines is an important part of giving your supervisors, co-workers, or clients a positive experience working with you.

  2. Mark your milestones - Studies have shown that breaking large projects down into smaller pieces, milestones, can help ease feelings of stress. These milestone deadlines that you set for yourself may not even need to be shared with the client, they can be used just to help you stay on track and to view the big picture of the project. As you stay on course, you will be able to focus more on what’s been done, than whether or not you’re falling behind.

  3. Consider the consequences - If you have several different things pulling at your attention and you’re not sure how you’re going to get them done or in what order, consider this. What will be the consequences of not completing each assignment? Odds are they will be very different. Studies have shown that completing your tasks on a value system can help motivate you to be more efficient.

  4. Terms of payment - Take into consideration the effect that a task will have on getting paid. You may have a project where you are paid at various milestones throughout the project. If you are just a step away from reaching one of those milestones you may want to give added priority to getting it done and getting paid.

  5. Set monthly goals - Studies have shown that supervisors strive to ensure that a work environment is both fun and productive it can increase employee motivation by ten percent.

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