Are you really just another small business?

You know what I was looking around the internet this morning just trying to discover just what it was that would give us the edge in the coming months.  We have had a fabulous past few years as the business has grown year on year.  Yes, some of it been just luck but certainly not all of it.  You see as the business has grown we have surrounded ourselves with positivity – we have surrounded ourselves with great people and great distributors along with that we have had great suppliers in Prevue and Indaba, both of whom have excellent products and support mechanisms.

But the time has come to plan further for our growth this year.  This lead me to the following article on the BEBUSINESSED web site - yes it is a US article that has a focus on the USA but are things that different where you are, in fact if you read the article you will note that a lot of the now corporates listed are indeed in your corner of the world as well and really are they small businesses or are they like your business of the future will be : -

History of Small Business

I think that this article sums it up really well with the statement "The next multibillion dollar corporation could be that small business just down the street in your small town."

Or is it "yours"!