Professors see market improvement in student communication with assessing students behaviours!

St Petersbburg, Florida December 2014 -"Communication in the workplace is essential to the existance of the organisation, and sometimes we need more fine tuning than a university is able to provide" says Krystin about using a behavioural assessment program that she took as part of her management class at the University of South Florida (USF).


DISCflex™ is a tool designed to help students become aware of their behaviours - not only what they do, but also how they are perceived by others.  Through gaining awareness by completing a ten minute assessment that produces a 15 page personalised report.  Students like Krystin are able to use the eLearning associated with their report to help them change their behaviours to get the desired result.  Krystin is one of many students who found this program particularly valuable.

Not only are students enjoying the program, but professors are as well.  University of Central Florida professor, Doctor Dean Cleavenger, explains that most every management class excels at teaching students technical and conceptual skills, but admits that "where the University fails the student, is in tghe human skills, in this behavioural intelligence."  Professors that have implemented behavioural programs in their classroom have seen improved communication skills amongst their students and colleagues.  Jon, another management student at USF, agrees that "the program may also be used to help professors understand students better, as well as themselves."


The skills that behavioural programs teach are applicable in many spheres.  Even students agree.  Stephano, another USF management student, says that "while DISCflex™ is a very valuable tool to use in the business world, it is also quite valuable for us to use in school as well."  James, political science student at the University of Florida (UF), was also able to use these skills "in common social settings."

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