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How many times do we hear the story of employees leaving organisations only to be told “sorry to see you leaving, you had such a great future here.” This is quite often the first time that they have been told this.

Apart from raising the obvious leadership issues it really does highlight the need for career and succession plans being developed and discussed with employees. Do the exercise now and list those employees that are critical currently or have the potential to become critical to the ongoing success of your business. When was the last time that they had the serious conversation about where they see their future?

It’s not just a case of asking for their thoughts, it is actually necessary to drill down and uncover what may be unknown. Think about the 4 levels of competence. The first 2 levels are relevant to this discussion:

  • unconscious incompetence – I don’t know what I don’t know
  • conscious incompetence – I now know what I don’t know
  • conscious competence – I know what but need to concentrate on it
  • unconscious competence – I can do it without thinking or am even unaware

It may be that someone in your business is familiar with the area that they work in but not so sure about other areas or potential for the future in different parts of the business. It may be that someone in operations had never even thought that they actually had the underlying skills to work in say, marketing or sales.

Asking the most appropriate and relevant questions is really important, however, this can be supported by validated Psychological testing which is also very important in planning for the continuous development of employees within an organisation.

Assessment systems work hand in hand with other conventional techniques in helping managers make the right decisions in terms of both the organisation’s and employee’s future. Psychological testing offers a window to a valuable cache of information about an employee that would be otherwise unavailable to managers.

The cost of using an industry accepted psychometric evaluation such as Prevue Assessment is easily offset by the direct and indirect benefits that an organisation will get from hiring the right employee for every position or more importantly in not losing a critical employee from the organisation.

At what time of the year do people usually assess where they are at in their life and make decisions about their future? I would suggest that the next 6 to 8 weeks when people take a break to enjoy the Christmas festivities and set New Years resolutions. Many life changing decisions are made around campfires in caravan parks or sitting around the swimming pool at a resort as people contemplate what could be.

The setup process to protect you from this happening to your business is very quick and simple. Relevant benchmarks can be put in place and initial discussions had before people go away for the Christmas break.

I appreciate people are very busy at this time of year but think about how busy everyone will be when a key employee comes back after a break and says “it has been a pleasure, but I am off.”

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