The Importance of Job Benchmarking.

Good HR decisions begin with determining whether the abilities, interests and personality traits of a candidate match those required for the job for which the candidate is applying. Personality assessments, job-fit tests and psychometric tests are the terms used variably to describe the tests taken by candidates to assess their suitability for a given role. A good assessment product will facilitate the job-matching process, greatly reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity. Yet many assessment products on the market only provide a profile of the candidate, with no reference to the position for which they are being considered.

An effective product compares candidates against a customised job-fit profile that describes the ideal characteristics for a given position. This can be accomplished by creating a profile or ‘benchmark’ of the features proven to be required for the job. It demands careful consideration of the actual requirements of the job before evaluating candidates, interviewing them and filling the job.

In addition to stipulating a candidate’s experience and education prerequisites, the job requirements should identify personal characteristics that are desirable in a candidate. While it is easy to define the technical requirements of a job such as professional qualifications or experience, it is much more difficult to define a ‘people-person’ or a ‘self-starter’. The importance of defining the characteristics required for a role cannot be understated. Traits such as assertiveness and competitiveness, for example, may be desirable in a sales role, but not in a kindergarten teacher. Someone who disliked following detailed plans and was a risk taker ought not to be driving a school bus or flying a plane, but would be ideal in an innovation role.

At Assess to Succeed, we distribute the Prevue HR System. The Prevue benchmark takes into account the unique attributes of the job and the organisation, and then compares each candidate to the benchmark. The benchmark brings it all together.

When you view Prevue Reports that use a Prevue Benchmark, you get a reliable description of important work-related characteristics of the candidate, and you see how those characteristics match up against the characteristics that have been determined to be the best fit for the position.

Prevue’s benchmark creation process is entirely automated, allowing you to build benchmarks for all of the positions within your organisation quickly and economically. Benchmarks are built using an analysis of the characteristics of the top performers in a given position, input from management surveys, or both. Once a Prevue Benchmark has been created for a position in your organisation, any job applicant thereafter can be matched to the criteria outlined in the benchmark.

You can view and download sample Prevue reports here.

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This article was adapted from an original article byAshley Salvador for  Prevue HR Systems.