Treatment During Interview Process

If they don't treat you right during the interview process - it tells a lot about their culture - uncaring, insensitive, unprofessional. Why would you ever want to work there? Why would you recommend it to a friend. In fact, I have told many stories to highly desirable candidates about companies who don't have a certain level of respect for candidates and warned people never to interview there. I did had this conversation just yesterday with a coachee who interviewed for a senior position at a Fortune 100 organization. They interviewed a senior VP, did not respond to 3 emails and 4 telephone messages from him over a two week period, then after 5 weeks called him and told him he 'won' the position.

He was a high potential and by the time they got back to him he had already accepted another job! But the HR person was furious because the VP didn't let her know that he was no longer interested! She asked him "What do you think I am going to tell my boss now? He is going to be mad that you didn't let us know. Now we're going to have to start the whole process again." My coachee said they told him they hadn't filled the position for 6 months - when he asked why (during the interview) they told him they were looking for the right fit. Now we know the real reason :) AMAZING!

Hellen Davis CEO

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