External Consultant


Are you an external consultant or coach?

Most organisations have little experience in industries outside their own, and
employees simply don’t have the time or resources to go out and acquire that
knowledge. Therefore, Indaba provides external consultants and coaches with an
online library of resources for a vast array of businesses – both in the public and
private sectors.

If you are an External Consultant or Coach, Indaba's Global’s Blended
mLearning/eLearning Approach can enhance your standing in any organisation you
work with, and underscore the ROI you provide. You can show them how to tap into
this online library of resources on an as-needed basis.

By using this body of
knowledge and blending it with live consulting and coaching methods, you become
an indispensable agent for implementing knowledge into their organisation.

Learn more about Custom Learning for External Consultants and Coaches.