Applicant Tracking FAQ

Applicant Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Prevue ATS?

Prevue ATS is a one stop shop applicant processing system that can be easily incorporated into the client’s corporate site to provide an online career center. Among its most important functions are advertising and processing job applicants, as well as administering The Prevue Assessment.

 This easy-to-use system is powered by back end management system which features an online dashboard that customers can use to post unlimited job ads, write a maximum of 25 questions for each post, attach a Prevue benchmark to the requirements, share the job posting to job boards, and easily manage incoming applicants.

What is the role of The Prevue ATS in the Hiring System?

While the Prevue Hiring System offers a complete Human Resource tools that will greatly benefit your organisation’s hiring processes, the Prevue Assessments covers the important pre-employment testing portion of the selection process. But before the testing, the company has to do a lot of things in order to land qualified applicants.

First, the company needs to write the requirements and advertise the job openings using different media platforms such as job boards, social media, and by posting in the corporate website. In response to the advertisement, applicants provide different information such as educational attainments, work history, demographic details, and other information that the recruiting company requires. Companies can include questions to answer as a means of screening matching applicants.

The Prevue ATS supports the company’s hiring process by simplifying job posting and collecting information during recruitment. The online system is synchronised with Prevue Assessment System to allow for real time processing of applications. This way, organisations can now enjoy a hassle free hiring process.

What are the important features of Prevue ATS?

Prevue ATS offers the following:

-          Your corporate logo and colors

-          A career website with your brand

-          A choice between stand-alone site or integration into your corporate site

One stop-shop Job Posting

-          Unlimited number of job posts

-          Quick and easy posting to  job boards

Quick access to online applicant details

-          Easy to use interface

-          Fully customisable information gathering

Applicant Selection Process

-          Customised Candidate Screening Questions

-          Use of Prevue Assessment Technology to match applicants against established Benchmarks

Applicant Management

-          Applicant ranking via Prevue Assessment and corporate screening

-          Applicant tracking and organising

 Aside from unlimited use licenses, is Prevue ATS available through other licensing agreement?

No, the present version of Prevue ATS is offered through unlimited use licenses only. Upcoming versions, on the other hand, will allow customers to purchase licenses based on login requirements or number of job posts.

Can you trial Prevue ATS?

Yes, contact us.

Can I buy Prevue ATS without buying Prevue Assessments?

Yes,Prevue ATS is available as a separate package. Prevue Assessments are optional and can be turned on at a later time.

Can I turn on Prevue Assessments on selected Postings only?

Yes, Prevue Assessments can be turned on for selected posts and off for others. The system is flexible, companies can use it to process some applicants and not others.

 What are the benefits of using Prevue ATS?

 To land the most qualified applicants, companies should focus on a continuing hiring process that is visible 24/7. A passive approach to recruitment severely limits an organisation’s hiring opportunities, sorely missing on the chance to grab the market’s top talents. This can result in less competitive and unqualified applicants, a surefire recipe for corporate disaster.

 The use ofPrevue ATS gives an organisation the upper hand in the recruitment process. A simple, easy to setup branded career page is available as a standalone site or as an extension to the existing corporate website. Posting jobs is a breeze, with the capacity to send job notices to job boards.  The system automatically handles application processing for a 24/7 active recruitment process to allow the company access to the brightest and most qualified applicants.

Receiving and processing applications is no longer a time consuming affair. WithPrevue ATS, a company that routinely receives tons of applicants can now focus on the 50 or so highly qualified candidates marked by the system as suitable.  Jobs with few applicants will give the company the chance to quickly entertain applications from the best candidates.

 Prevue ATS is suitable for companies of all types and sizes.