How Prevue Works

  1.  Create Custom Benchmarks for open positions in your organisation

    Prevue allows you to create custom benchmark to measure each applicant’s fitness for the job. This process is done one of three ways:

    (a) Assessing your organisation’s top performers in the position, finding their most common characteristics, and using these characteristics as the benchmark

    (b) Use the Job Description Survey this tool collects input of your ‘position experts’.  For example managers and other personnel with knowledge about the position to identify the ideal employee’s characteristics

    (c) A combination of the two methods above where inputs are combined with the characteristics of top performers

  2. Perform Assessment for applicants and existing employees

    Prevue Assessment offers your organisation an easy but effective method of assessing job applicants and existing employees. This gives you and your manager valuable information about the personality, interests, and skills of the individuals who undergo assessment

  3. Hire applicants who align with the benchmark created for the role

    Assessments that align with the Prevue Benchmarks that you’ve created are more likely to succeed in the position, and hiring them is a positive move towards more productive employees. Employees who match the job requirements assure you of more efficient and more productive organisation.

  4. Leverage Assessment results for employee retention

    The Assessment results give you valuable information about your employee’s personality and motivations. This information helps better equip you to provide the things that they need in order to succeed in their position. The result is lower turnover and better employee loyalty.

  5. Use benchmark results for employee development

    With Prevue Benchmark, it is very easy to identify the employees’ weaknesses. This puts you in better position to provide training, coaching, and other forms of support to improve their performance. 

  6. Guide executives to reach their full potential

    Prevue Assessment provides you with better insight into the personality and motivations of your managers. Knowing what drives them allows you to provide better support in maximizing their potential.

  7. Create a comprehensive employee succession plan

    Ensure your organisation’s future by developing a comprehensive succession plan. Use the results of Prevue Benchmark and your employees’ assessment scores to plan job openings and hiring policies. This allows you to provide training to employees who fit the requirements of the existing job openings.

  8. Promotion of employees

     Regardless of whether or not your organisation has a formal succession plan the Prevue Benchmark would be of great help.  The benchmark can be used to quickly identify employees who are more qualified to fill available positions.