The Prevue Assessment System

The Prevue Assessment offers a complete suite of useful materials that businesses can use in the hiring process.

An important part of Prevue is that the Prevue Questionnaire is based on the ICES Plus Assessment Test - a reliable, compelling, and accurate psychometric assessment of work related qualities of applicants and employees based from their answers to predetermined questions.

Prevue Assessment helps the hiring manager conduct a structured interview before employment and in developing, coaching and guidance strategies post-employment.



Attracting, selecting, retaining, and keeping the best employees is a very complicated and difficult process that can test the resources of even the biggest organisation.  Prevue Hiring and Retention reports offer any organisation an easier path towards these goals.

  1. Did you ever make the mistake of hiring an applicant because of excellent interview results, only to be disappointed later?
  2. Do you always create a profile of an ideal candidate prior to actually hiring/interviewing for the position?
  3. Are you aware of the monetary cost of high employee turnover?
  4. Are you aware of the differences between successful employees and those who fail?
  5. Where do spend your coaching time - with your high flyers or coaching your marginal performers?

 Development and Coaching

Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills of your employees can help you push the right button in mentoring them towards success in your organisation.  Prevue Reports make it easier for you to focus on the most important aspects in helping your employees maximize their talents.

  • Employees are more loyal to organisations that show concern about their welfare and future.
  • Good leaders know the weaknesses as well as the strengths that they bring to the organisation
  • Appreciating each employee’s personality help you plan ahead and make the right decisions.


Succession Planning and Promotion

The current shortage of qualified workers makes it even more important that every organisation makes the right decision in hiring new employees and promoting existing ones.   With the pending retirement of a large portion of today’s managers it is vitally important that you make sure that you are not hiring or promoting unqualified people as this can severely hamper your organisation’s progress.  It also sends the wrong message – mediocrity pays – to the existing employees in the company.

Is your organisation prepared for when the majority of your experienced staff and managers retire within the next ten years?

As the available talent pool dwindles, organisations have no choice but to look at in-house personnel as possible managers in the years ahead.

Prevue Succession Planning Solutions help hiring managers properly evaluate the current employees for possible candidates for promotion.