Prevue Reports

The Report Families are:-


Approach to Work

Candidate Snapshot

Individual Report

Learning and Reasoning

Prevue Screen


Retail Fit

Prevue Job Fit



Candidate Snapshot

Corporate Coach

Personal Development

 Corporate Planning - Multi Position and Multi Candidate

Successsion Planning Multi Candidate

Succession Planning Multi Position

Team Fit

Team Fit Leader Report Sample

 Prevue Benchmark Reports 

With Prevue you have the ability to benchhmark Reports.  This will make them specific to the role that you are recruiting for.  We believe that this means when you are assessing a candidate for a role you can be confident that you are measuring the skills required for your organisation.  Below please find some sample benchmark reports:-

Customer Service Representative

General Manager

Managing Director

Sales Maneger

Sales Representative

Taxi Driver


Prevue Brochures

Prevue Brochures Note: These are held on a seperate website.