Right Person Right Role - Candidate Screening

Matching your job postings with the most qualified applicant in a highly organised manner is the number one goal of Applicant Tracking System. To achieve this goal, the system integrates screening questions with weighted scores as the first step in the hiring process. Afterwards, the applicant’s qualifications are further validated through the use of Pre-Employment Tests.

The use of screening question can be inserted right when you create the ads for your organisation’s job openings. We are on hand to help you craft the most appropriate questions to gauge the effectiveness of the applicants for the advertised position once hired. These questions are effective tools in ensuring job fit ensuring that you have the best candidates for your team with the right skill match for your organisation, culling candidates who are not a good fit.

The ability to assign score for each screening question is one feature of the Applicant Tracking System that stands out among competing products. Though not a perfect system to gauge an applicant’s future performance, it allows hiring managers to quickly spot the candidates with the highest probability of performing well in the job.

Finding the best employee is every company’s goal, and that is exactly what the Applicant Tracking System is designed to do. Its unique method of screening question scoring and the use of Pre-Employment Testing, you can easily find the candidates that will help your company grow. All of these features are packed into an easy to use system, giving you less time to worry about the hiring process and more time to run your business.