Succession Planning

With the recent surge in the demand for qualified employees, organisations are now faced with tough competition in filling in vacancies.  For some, the solution is to tap into the existing work force to fill present and future vacancies.  However, this approach does not solve the labour shortage within the organisation. What is needed for organisations to remain competitive is a proactive succession plan to address the need for more qualified employees.

 The existence of a comprehensive succession plan not only addresses the problem of identifying future managers of the organisation but also help in planning for future vacant positions. The Prevue Succession Planning and Promotion Reports offer your organisation the best chance to address both issues. Using the Prevue Online platform, you can easily create customised benchmarks for any vacant position within your organisation. You can use these benchmarks to compare multiple candidates and easily find the most qualified. The system also allows you to use multiple benchmarks to rate a single candidate for an even more comprehensive evaluation.

  • Here are some of the questions that Succession Planning and Promotion Solutions can help you answer:

  • Would one of my sales consultants be qualified enough to become sales manager?

  • Who should I promote as the next transport manager?

  • Who from my internal team might qualify for the next promotion?

  • Who among my employees will be capable of managing a branch in the future?


The Development and Coaching report take advantage of the power of the Prevue Benchmarks. The benchmark pinpoints the preferred qualities of an employee that will affect a certain position. Learn more about how Prevue Benchmark can help your organisation.


Our clients receive all reports instantly through the Prevue Online platforms. All they have to do is input the name and email address of the applicants that need assessment and the system will automate the process:

  1. Invite candidates to complete the online Prevue Assessment Questionnaire.

  2. After the candidate completes the Prevue Assessment, Prevue Online analyses the information collected and sends the report direct to the hiring managers.