Why Use Assessments

Why Assess Your Employees

Every organisation needs to assess its employees – from new job applicants to long time employees. During the employment process, psychological testing can play a major role:  from the initial screening of applicants through to making the decision on which candidate to hire.  Psychological testing is also very important in planning for the continuous development of employees within an organisation.

Assessment systems work hand in hand with other conventional hiring techniques in helping managers make the right decisions in terms of both the organisation’s and employee’s future. Psychological testing offers a window to a valuable cache of information about an applicant or employee that would be otherwise unavailable to managers.

The cost of using an industry accepted psychometric evaluation such as Prevue Assessment is easily offset by the direct and indirect benefits that an organisation will get from hiring the right employee for every position.

Your organisation benefits from using Quality Assessment by:

  • Better understanding your candidates and employees

  • Hire better qualified employees

  • Minimize your employee turnover rate

  • Help employees reach their full potential

  • Implement clear career advancement plans for employees

  • Assisting to select future leaders of the organisation

  • Boost your organisation’s profit