Why JDB?

  • Human Resources (HR) experts agree that defining the requirements and demands of a job with great precision is essential to the success of a recruitment campaign. Large companies, with extensive HR capability can do this easily. Smaller organisations, with less frequent recruitment needs, find it difficult to maintain the skills needed to write ad hoc Job Descriptions effectively.
  • The foundation of any recruitment campaign is the Job Description. Both for attracting the right candidates, and retaining the chosen applicant, it is vital to get the Job Description absolutely right.
  • The Job Description is your opportunity to capture the widest pool of candidate talent, and to deter the interest of unqualified applicants who will merely waste executive time.
  • Many small- to medium-sized businesses lack the resources to formulate effective job descriptions. JDB solves this problem, effectively and economically.
  • JDB takes you through a logical, step-by-step procedure to define your job and evaluate candidates. You will save time and money, and your recruitment campaign will succeed!

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