Custom Learning for External Consultants or Coaches

Indaba Global understands that your organisation may benefit from a variety of learning options and solution sets. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ for every organisation. One thing is clear – employee training, business models of excellence, and leadership development must span these arenas in a comprehensive, strategically deployed manner. This is precisely why Indaba Global believe it is vitally important to work with your organisation in order to develop customised strategies to ensure learning success. Indaba Global will help you formulate a development process that fully incorporates all aspects of talent management, knowledge acquisition, and performance management into a collaborative effort.

Indaba Global has found – and many independent studies prove – that a mix of online training, mentoring, consulting, and one-on-one or small group coaching yields the highest return on investment for your organization. However, this only happens if all the components fit together in an integrated process. So, we have created Indaba Global’s Blended eLearning Approach to accomplish this feat. This approach implements, through working with internal and external coaches and consultants, a comprehensive Internal Corporate Solution for Training and Development.

By using Indaba Global’s Blended mLearning/eLearning Approach a fully customised mLearning/eLearning platform and content library can be strategically implemented within your organisation at a fraction of the price compared to a ‘build it yourself’ solution. Indaba Global’s online library of resources are complete with videos, audio, white papers, exercises, and samples of business models to guide the participating logged-in employees through the material. Based on the situations that organisations face every day, there are many customised solutions that you can facilitate because Indaba has already done the work of providing you with the resources.

Various customised solutions could include a variety of solution sets such as:


  • A live teleconference with various departments within the company to guide them through the various sessions in Indaba’s online library of resources based on the issues they are dealing with.
  • Directing a consultant to use a specific methodology that fits with the training your employees already have gone through from Indaba’s online library of resources and providing them with this information at the touch of a button. Having individual employees complete a program you know will provide them with the background of knowledge they need right away to solve a pressing business requirement.
  • Provide executive coaching information to top level management team in an online format that works with the time constraints and demands of their position.


If you are an External Consultant or Coach, Indaba Global’s Blended mLearning/eLearning Approach can enhance your standing within any organisation you work with and underscore the ROI you provide. By using this approach you can provide an organisation’s employees and management with:


  • Live one-on-one coaching and direct executive coaching to upper level executives.
  • Tele-coaching to specific employees or teams while providing high quality content through online training to lower level management and employees in a cost effective manner. This blend of online training plus consulting and coaching, yields the highest return on investment for the organisation itself, while at the same time, ramps up your capabilities as an external consultant or coach.


Further, there is a tremendous benefit of blending online training with consultant services. Sometimes, internal personnel have never been exposed to the situation their management team is facing. This is certainly to be expected, and that’s when external consultant or coach is called in. In reality, most organisations do what they do well and have little experience in other industries or methodologies. Employees simply don’t have the time or resources to go out and acquire that knowledge. Therefore, Indaba provides external consultants and coaches with an online library of resources for a vast array of businesses – both in the public and private sectors. As an external consultant or coach, you can go into any organisation, and show them how to tap into this online library of resources on an as-needed basis. By using this body of knowledge and blending it with live consulting and coaching methods, you have made yourself a critical tool for implementing knowledge into the organisation.