Indaba Global

Indaba Global has created extensive MBA-like online coaching and training materials on a wide range of programs so that employees and leadership have the knowledge required to enable them to work through a myriad of challenges. In addition, Indaba Global has developed a software platform that is customisable and may be private-labeled with complete flexibility offering secure access to online video training, audio, and testing. NEW: DISC Assessment + Customised eLearning = DISCflex™.

DISC assessments have traditionally been used in the corporate world to assess an employee’s dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. Now, we have created programs for corporations and students that makes use of the DISC assessment, makes the participant aware of their general behaviour tendencies.

As Indaba have developed various new uses for DISCflex we have this product now available in various formats and for various groups inckluding and not limited to just business but also Schools, Universities, Drug Rehabilitation and last but not least we have seen a religious version made available.  The strength of the product is in it's ability for a participant to ask for 3rd party fedback from their peers and work collegues alike.