Indaba Overview

Indaba Global's Mission Statement

Indaba Global’s goal is to educate students, professionals and organisations in solid personal and professional principles and practices needed to produce effective results and achieve goals and objectives. Indaba Global strives to teach each individual in the most efficient way for them to ensure success.


Throughout our history, Indaba Global is renowned for extending specialised assistance to clients in helping them ramp up their leadership and management capabilities and in teaching them how to respectfully hold their employees accountable. Indaba Global, Inc. offers an extremely comprehensive library of online video leadership programs, audio files that can be downloaded, white papers, case studies, exercises, testing, and contemporary leadership and management book summaries. It has been verified as one of the best in the industry by several government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Indaba Global specialises in four arenas:

  1. 1. High tech, highly secure industries with a bent towards training technical and operational people at all levels of the organisation to become highly effective managers and leaders. With virtually NO "back end" administrative work required, managers and leaders are quickly recognising the tremendous flexibility, learning, growth opportunities, and cost savings by implementing an online learning format for their leaders, managers, and employees.

  2. Offering a cost effective eLearning for Students Program via Universities, Colleges and Technical Institutes

  3. mLearning/eLearning for Adults Program offered through Work Force Development Programs

    In this regard Indaba Global is not a technical training company that decided to go into the management training field, rather we are a leadership development organisation, highly specialised in grooming executive and leadership personnel, who entered the online arena in order to provide online delivery of a vast array of leadership materials and training expertise to our clients throughout the world. This is a fundamental difference between our organisation and most of the online educational organisations currently in this field.

  4. Behavioral Assessments: In 2011, Indaba Global introduced DISCflex™ Business Behaviors Report. Our behavioural assessment tool has raised the bar in the assessment industry. 
    Our content and delivery platform cannot be replicated easily. We are proud to say that the Indaba Global team has spent over 20 years researching and developing our online offering of materials and products. Indaba Global has invested millions of dollars in this platform and in creating the materials for your students, employees and leaders. The level of educational materials we provide is unsurpassed. Our online materials are referenced by top agencies in the USA and in some of the largest organisations in the world.

Indaba Global, Inc. began operations in the late 1980’s as an employee and leadership development company specialising in executive coaching, strategic planning, and implementation with accountability. With over two decades of management, strategic planning, behaviour modification, and peak performance expertise, the Indaba Global Team has produced creative and customised training courses for optimum student and adult learning and employee and leadership development -- both in a "live" and interactive m/eTraining format.

Companies request that the Indaba Global Team collaborate with them to find solutions for current problems within their organisation and to assist in addressing behavioural issues. The goal is to align employee actions and attitudes with current market requirements.