Research and Science

Indaba Global only uses the best ideas and research to formulate sound and yet practical mLearning solutions. From senior consultants and coaches to the publications of the best minds in psychology and business, there are no limits to stop Indaba Global personnel from finding all the information necessary to change people’s lives.

Some of the critical models we use are: 

  • Unconscious Competence Model
  • Perceptual Prism Model
  • Transitional Time Line
  • Decision Making Matrix

We take pride in providing our participants with fully researched models and theories that can be practically applied to their current life. We only believe in those theories that have produced actual results and helped to advance the development process.

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

 We offer CEUs through The Ohio State University Alber Enterprise Center. Their internal staff verified and performed a quality review check to ensure DISCflex™ meets the standards of such a prestigious university as an assessment vehicle and development tool.

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Professional Development Unit (PDUs)

DISCflex™ is available for PDUs from the Project Management Institute – the world’s leading organisation for project management. The validity of the assessment vehicle underwent another quality review with top experts in the fields of education, management, psychology, and behavioural science. They approved of DISCflex™ and deemed it educationally and factually valid to use for PDUs.

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DISCflex™ Validation Study

The DISCflex™ Validation Study is currently completed, please feel free to request a copy. The vast amount of research and the strict assessment standards are Indaba Global’s highest priority.

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Indaba Global piloted the DISCflex™ Program with 59 students in two different classes at the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg in 2011. Each student provided input on the accuracy of the DISCflex™ Report and the usefulness of the information from the report and the eLearning materials. The results were astounding. If you would like any more information about this study, contact us