DISCflex Sales & Marketing

What is your sales style?

Each sales style has its strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, many salespeople do not naturally recognise their strengths and weaknesses. DISCflex™ for Sales brings to light the behaviours that you tend to exert when you deliver a sales presentation. Your personalised DISCflex™ for Sales report will identify your strengths and weaknesses related to your sales style.

You can’t use the same sales pitch with every potential client.

However, once you learn how to recognise your client’s behavioural style, you will find it much easier to gain rapport and relate to the client – a critical element in the world of sales. With DISCflex™ for Sales, you will learn to do just that.

DISCflex™ for Sales offers personalised recommendations on how to enhance your sales style so you can get the most out of every meeting with potential clients. With our patent-pending targeted eLearning, we select courses for you based on your individual sales style. These eLearning courses cover selections from the Sales Process, 21 Laws of Influence, and Influence and Communication.

Third Party Input

With our DISCflex™ for Sales program, you will have the ability to collect third party input so that you can quickly see what others think of your sales style. When you compare the results to the way you see your sales style, you will be able to more easily get from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of sales.