Testimonials Indaba

  1. With over 25 years in the field of behaviour change, the DISCflex is the most dynamic tool that I have seen in years.  The comprehensive nature of the Business Behaviours Report will help individuals be more aware of strengths and weaknesses and companies better manage their talent.  The additional piece of 20+ hours of video training to guide the behaviour change and knocks the DISCflex out of the park.

    Jon D. McKanna, MS, LPC, LSW

  2. For a long time, I’ve been looking for something to assist me in people development.  I’ve invested a lot of time and money buying training material and trying to help my clients develop their employees.  But I always got the excuse that they are too busy and can’t afford the time off from work.  Or it’s too expensive to get an external consultant with the expertise to spend a full day or two training their employees.  However, training and development remained my focus as this is the only way to ensure real growth in any organisation.  Finding Indaba Global, Inc. on the internet was such a blessing as it gave me everything I needed, without costing me, or my clients, an arm and a leg.  I started marketing their products and before I was even ready to explore the program for myself, my clients were all over me, sharing the same excitement as what I did when I first heard of these Coaching programs.  These coaching programs were all that I needed to complete my business model, from leadership development to executive recruitment; it offered me exactly what I wanted, at a very reasonable price.  Ever wondered what you did before Google?  Start using Indaba’s programs; you’ll start wondering how you ever managed without it.

    Dr Debri van Wyk
    Organisational Psychologist
    Executive Director – Human Capital Talent

  3. This is amazing.  I have to transfer from my current assessment supplier to DISCflex or you will put me out of business.  Your product is so complete it is startling.

    Name withheld for business concerns

  4. My behaviour has changed, my influencing abilities have increased dramatically, and I understand how to maneuver professionally to accomplish a daunting task.  Through my changes, my team has changed too.  This was an added benefit I didn’t expect.

    Bradford Schupp, Six Sigma Champion
    Raytheon Company

  5. What they say we will do well at is giving them the technical skills, because that’s what teaching lends itself to.  Where we fail is in the human skills, in this behavioural intelligence.  I think it is really worth your time and I want to personally encourage you to spend the time not only watching the videos but thinking about how this impacts you and your life and what you can learn about yourself.

    Dean Cleavenger, Ph.D
    UCF College of Business Administration
  6. Indaba has provided value added services to our organisation.  Their fresh thinking, energy, candor and intellectual honesty has provided real and measurable benefits to the success of PJM.

    Phillip Harris, President & Chief Executive Officer
    PJM Interconnection, LL.C.
    Largest wholesale electric market in the world

  7. We are analysing problems and finding team solutions quickly with a lot less politicking and a lot more pro-activeness.  We can joke and get the message across about expectations and appropriate actions and behaviour.  Being able to revisit the lessons you explained has been invaluable to my success as a team leader and executive.

    James Cohen
    Vice President
    Europe & Far East Operations
    ANAT Marketing

  8. Now, when I am in a meeting, whether it be with employees or clients, I am well-armed to deal with sabotage, perfectly equipped to handle objections, and able to think faster on my feet.  Most important, I actually communicate better at home, too!  Has it made a difference?  You better believe it!

    Harry Salko, Top 50 Producer
    Nationwide Financial Services Group

  9. Look forward to taking the DISCflex assessment, you will not be disappointed.  This is something that you will use both in the classroom and after the semester concludes.  You will find it very useful in later classes, in organisational settings, and in your personal lives as well.

    Christopher Leo, MBA
    UCF College of Business Administration

  10. I thought the DISC report turned out incredibly accurate.  After reading the report I can see why this information would be useful not just in the workplace or advising, but in common social settings.  It does a great job of analysing how you act in certain situations and more importantly how you can change what isn’t ideal.  The report even outlined steps I can take and goals I can set.  For me personally I plan on following the steps and setting goals to be more outgoing when talking to new people.  I am quickly approaching the time where I need to develop connections in the workplace and I think dialing this up will be useful in helping me to achieve this goal.

    James – University of Florida (Political Science)

  11. Communication in the workplace is essential to the existence of the organisation and sometimes we need more fine tuning than a university is able to provide.

    Krystin – University of South Florida (Management)

  12. Honestly I thought the DISCflex was really spot on.  I have done things like this in the past and they are close, but this is one of the best because it seemed to pick up on a lot of things that I don’t feel like I emphasise, like wanting positive feedback or feeling like I can influence some people.  Definitely interesting.

    Becky – Florida Coastal School of Law

  13. Learning how business operates is important, but learning how you individually operate in that business alongside team members and goals will help us to be more successful.

    Keti - University of South Florida (Management)

  14. It’s dead on time to me.  Amazing how you can create something that accurate that is not time consuming to take.

    Debbie – University of Phoenix (Accounting)

  15. The earlier we learn how to adapt and learn our behaviours the better prepared we will be when we enter the workforce, or for some of us help us improve in our current roles that may give room for bigger opportunities when we graduate.

    Chrishawn – University of South Florida (Management)

  16. It did an amazing job at showing not only one’s personal image of oneself but also how others thought of that person.  Knowing this kind of information will help individuals be more aware of strengths and weaknesses to better manage their talent which will help the organisation as a whole.

    Nancy – University of South Florida (Management)